how to make HDR in Pixelmator


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6 years ago

I have read that there are some tutorials on how to combine images to make HDR, Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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6 years ago

You can not do the combineing of the images as I think you are expecting. You can duplicate your image three times and on the second layer > image > invert then change blending mode to Vived Light. On the top layer Change the blending mode to Color. Now on the second layer > Filter > Blur > Gausion Blur and blur till you get an efect you like. Dose not work on all images. You might want to try this also. I did a tutorial on this at:
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6 years ago

You could duplicate your layer, blur the top one and give it a low alpha.

That's how I do it.

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6 years ago

Load each exposure into a layer, and paint layer masks to show areas where you want to show a particular exposure. Basically you pick the properly exposed layer for each area of the image. It's time consuming, but this is what HDR applications are doing.

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