Rubber stamp effect?


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6 years ago


I'd like to learn how to create text that looks like it was stamped by a rubber ink stamp. There's a lot of these tutorials for photoshop, but I couldn't find one for Pixelmator.

Thanks for any pointers.

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6 years ago

The easiest way to do this is find a few grunge or paint splatter brushes and install them. Then when you use your erase tool choose one of these brushes to erase here and there on your image or stamp to get the effect. You'll have to experiment with the sizes of the brushes. Look at a finished PS tutorial image to try and replicate it.

If it turns out cool post up how you did it!

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1 year ago

Here is a quick how-to.

Create your stamp design using drawing tools and text. In the example below, only text was used:

Convert the image to Pixels (right-click)

Next, apply the Crystallise effect. I chose a radius of 2 - just enough to give the text a slight fuzzy effect


Finally, with the eraser tool selected, find a scratch or grunge brush. If you don't have any of these brushes, just search for some free ones on the Internet. With an opacity setting of about 75% dab over the image to create the desired effect.

ImageOnce created, you can bring in a background image and place your stamp image above it. Resize the stamp layer, rotate it if required and position the stamp where you want it to appear. use the Multiply Blend mode on the stamp layer to give a more realistic effect. The image below is the final image positioned on a parcel.


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