How to fill a shape with text


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1 year ago

I hope someone can help me because I donĀ“t really know how to do this in Pixelmator
I want to create something similar to the graphic in this link:

Thanks for your help

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1 year ago

For this clipping masks are perfect.

Here's a screenshot of the document with the layes palette so you get an idea on how to do this.


The basics steps are quite easy.

1) at the bottom we have our background layer and on top of that the silhouette we want to place our text in.
2) the type layer is placed on top of our silhouette layer. In our case the text color is white.
3) to activate the clipping mask, ctrl+click on the type layer and choose Clipping Mask. This will make that funny arrow appear at the side of the type layer.
4) The text will now fill the layer below.

One important thing to keep in mind is that this only works if the silhouette layer has tranparency arround it. So in our case we have to make sure to have a cut out of the swan with transparency around it.

Hope this will help you.

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11 months ago

Wow! Easy and useful idea, Thanks Sebastian!

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