Newbie: want to create a text block with white background


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2 years ago


I am very very new to this software so bear with me. I apologize for the easy questions.

Here is what I have.

I am creating a flyer for my business.

I have a photo of which I want to add two text blocks on top of the photo.. I want to type information on my business in the blocks. My guess is I should create a new layer for the text blocks.? So how do I create the two blocks(with white background) so that I can have my text inside?

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

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2 years ago

The most versatile way is using shapes for the blocks that you want to place the text on. That way you can change the shape, style and size of the boxes at any stage in your process. Each shape (block) will be on its own layer. You can simply create your type-layers on top of those shape layers. If you like you can just group the type layers and the shape layers together.

Some of our tutorials that you might take a look at to help you further:

Type Tool-New Shapes-Shape Styles-Layer Styles

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