Question on making a poster, particularly in a vector format


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2 years ago

Hi everyone!

I would like to make a large size, portrait poster for an upcoming event. It will be visually quite simple, and printed at a large size: as big as A0 poster paper, but also A3.

There will be one main image, on a dark background, with text around it.

My question is....where do I begin?! :-)

I am used to using Pixelmator to do little "Photoshops" for comedic effect. Changing photos about, editing things in a quirky way, I enjoy it immensely.

Here is an example of something I've made, using multiple layers, cutting out images, blurring etc. It reflects my wish that Nokia had gone with the Android smartphone platform, rather than crashing into the Windows Phone iceberg. I'm a little bit of a nerd.... ... honeix.jpg

Pixelmator might not be the ideal tool for standard desktop publishing etc. But, if I use Pixelmator to make a poster, could you please share advice on how to start?

For previous posters, I've simply went with making a custom canvas of the largest pixel size imaginable, a bitmap image. I've then saved this as a PDF and PNG, for the best image quality available.

But, now that Pixelmator handles vector graphics, can I do something different to save text etc as perfect vector lines? Do I need to start a new document differently, etc?

I'll make the entire background a dark colour, add some text, and a central image. Is there any special trick to editing and saving things in a "vector" mode?

Thank you very much!


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2 years ago

If anyone ever reads this....

This was my finished result for a vegan related Back to the Future "October 21 2015" day poster:-) I simply made a huge bitmap image.

My local vegan society is entering a DeLorean in the Santa Parade this november, "Brighten the Future" for animals in need: ... Poster.png

For more information about the theme, check out this website :-)

Best wishes to everyone, and thank you Pixelmator team for a great tool!

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