How to Refine edges?


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2 years ago

While I've been using Pixelmator for quite some time, I am just now going 100% from Photoshop and there are a few things I just can't figure out. In photoshop, when I create a selection from a layer, I can "Create a new Layer from Selection," is there a similar function in Pixelmator?

Along the same lines, in Photoshop I am able to "Refine Edge" before I create a new layer where I can feather my edges a little bit. How do I do that in Pixelmator?

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2 years ago

Hello epochpro.

To create a new layer from a a selection simply ctrl+click inside the selection you've just made and choose "copy and paste as layer"

Refine edges is called refine selection in Pixelmator. So before you copy the selection to a new layer, you can choose "Refine Selection..." from the Edit menu. Now you can do your feathering, resizing and smoothing.

Hope that helps.

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