Upgrade Cost of Pixelmator Pro from Pixelmator


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2 months ago

The pages about Pixelmator Pro are very intriguing BUT there is no mention of the price. Any decisions on what it will cost - and if there will be an upgrade price for current (and long time) Pixelmator users?
Thanks - and good luck with the new product.

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1 month ago

Hi team,

I'd like to back that up.
As a new Mac owner I'm eager to do my editing on this platform and I like your message on the Pro.
However, your message atm is VERY mixed:
- Nice Pixelmator
- BUT there's a Pro around the corner, wait for that one
- BUT don't know when, what and how much ...
I know your perspective, having an eager commercial team and an anxious/very busy dev team bumping into each other.
However, try to look at it from our perspective, knowing there is also a lot moving in the competition (with photoshop plug ins on the side). You are burning your head-start and credit fast in this mixed communication...
So please, any transparency (even if that commits your technical team, so check off with them) is very much appreciated.


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1 month ago

I also have a question related to this.

I love the current Pixelmator app and it fills my needs perfectly so wether I would upgrade to Pro or not is not just up to the price but to what it would add to my toolbox and if I need it (though maybe just the new UI will force me to update ;) ). However there is no mentioning (that I can find) about what will happen to the standard Pixelmator? Is it still going to be updated or is Pixelmator Pro the future and what we have now is to be considered legacy just receiving maybe some minor patches?

Also loving the idea of a upgrade price but to my knowledge this is not supported by AppStore? Please prove me wrong :)

Thanks in advance

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