How to change the tip of a tool from round to square shape?


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10 months ago

I've looked in Pixelmator's help, searched the internet, Googled everything I can think of, and tried experimenting on my own, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the tip shape of any given tool from a circle to a square. Started out I was trying to erase something that had very straight edges and couldn't use the magic eraser because it was too close to the colour of the image I wanted to keep. Then I realized I was unable to change the shape of any of the tools.

So where is the square tip? I can find every other way to make a stroke or brush tip EXCEPT for this!?! It seems to be a very basic thing for someone to want to do so there's got to be a way to change it, seeing as Pixelmator is so advanced, right? Can someone please help???

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10 months ago

Strokes you are not able to change, but brushes you can change. You can create a square brush pretty easy by drawing a square on an empty layer and drag that layer into the brushes palette. You might need to drag the layer first onto the desktop before dragging it onto the brushes palette. Pixelmator also has a Pixel Tool that you can try. If you don't have it already you can drag it from the Tools section in the Pixelmator preferences onto the Tools Palette.

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