Need a guide for using Pilexmator on ipad pro, am new to usi


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10 months ago

My goal is to use ipad in elementary art class. Want to take pictures of kids, then use Pixelmator to edit and tweak pictures.One request has been to make someone bald. Is this possible in Pixelmator? Is it possible to make series of actions to this, and use it over again?
Being new to digital and Pixelmator, are the right tools available to accomplish this request?
Is any one available to mentor an oldman to learn some new tricks?

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10 months ago

You could make a person in an existing image bald by combining different pictures. You could for example cut out the top part of the head of a bald person and place that onto the head of the subject you are working on. I'm not sure what you mean by making a series of actions. If you mean recording some sort of script, then this is not possible yet in Pixelmator.

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