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1 year ago

New to Pixelmator and general amateur.
Posted this on the Forum - and no one is interested in answering. I will try you guys....

When using Extension - how to zoom the image for finer work? The Photos zoom tool seems to disappear when switching to the Pixelmator Extension.
Also, how to save work on the Pixelmator Extension so that if you want to Reset an edit, you don't lose everything you worked on?

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Hey dk253,

To zoom the image while in Pixelmator Retouch Extension, use the Command-(+/-) keyboard shortcuts.

Is it Undo feature you are looking for (action that would revert back just one step rather than reset all the changes)? If yes, try Edit > Undo, or simply hit the Command-Z keyboard shortcut. If you just want to save the image and apply all the current changes, however, hit the Save Changes button located at the right topmost corner of the Photos window. The next time you'll access Pixelmator Extension (or any other extension) all the changes made during that session will reset to a previously saved state.
Pixelmator Team

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