Paste location


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1 year ago

Can someone explain the paste location of an image? It seems to move around.

I have a series of images which are the same height as a target image, though the target image is an even multiple of the width of the child images. So I have 10 images with a height of 90 and a width of 100. The target image is then 90x1000. So, I open one of the child images, Select All, then Copy. When I paste the copied image into the target image, there seems to bee no rhyme or reason for the paste location. Sometimes it's to the far left-handtarget image, sometimes it seems center onthe target image and still other times it seems setback from my paste location.

I thought it might have to do to an existing location of the current selection, but I made sure to do a cmd-Dbefore the paste and still the paste location seems to move.

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