Trying Pixelmator on iMAC with large 4K Retina Screen


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1 year ago

When I open Pixelmator, all the windows and menus are very small. I can not find a way to resize the menus.

There must be a way...


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11 months ago

I also have a 5K 27" iMac (2014). Pixelmator uses the full resolution while active. If you export a png, jpg or gif and look at it in Preview or Quicklook you will see it much larger. The dimensions you use in your artwork - pixels , inches or cm - will be the ones you see outside of Pixelmator. Apple doubles the pixel counts on your Retina display for normal viewing, Pixelmator does not. My workaround is that I double the size of the main window for seeing it as it will look. That does not help or change the sizes of the various menus of Pixelmator.

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11 months ago


Guess what!

3 years later, and NOTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED!

Why do we even waste our timesuggesting or rather BEGGING for Pixelmator tojustswitch from black to white????

Im a friggin'hairdresser, and I am sure I could write the code for that in about 1 hour.

I wouldlisten to the 4 years of BEGGING to make the menus, the brush interface, EVERYTHING bigger!
The size of the tool icons is smaller than my CURSOR! It totally insane, yet no one is doing anything
about it. That is in spite of NUMEROUS begging posts throughout this forum to change it.

There is PLENTY of space on the screen, what the hell?????

Plain ol' apathy ruining a perfectly good piece of software.

aloha, cjonesthom
Rob Ell

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8 months ago

Whoo boy! Do I ever support this request! PLEASE, give an option to enlarge the UI. The current implementation gets in the way of using the program (we're talking the desktop app here) as I have to squint and hunt to find the icon/tool I want on my 27" iMac Retina. No app should get in the way if itself, right?

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6 months ago

I have same problem too. When will Pixelmator fix these essential stuff like 'Single Window Mode' or "High Res Icons"?
It seem Pixelmator is suffering by "feature fucking" - Incurable

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