The Future of the Pixelmator


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1 year ago

Hi Team,
I'm sure anyone, who use Pixelmator on a regular basis worry about the its future.
It is not only about the updates, but also about a new candies.
For me personally would be extremely useful to know, discuss and be a part of the future plans and updates of the Pixelmator.
For instance, I'm looking forward pretty much to see if Pixelmator could have a Prototyping and WYSIWYG Website creation functionality.
I would love to be a part of that kind of discussion group.

Kind regards,

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1 year ago

Yup, well there is your answer....NONE
No answer whatsoever.
aloha, C

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1 year ago

One could see this blog post ( ... on-is-out/) as a response to ZeoS' question. It proves that there is development going on. Could it go a little bit faster? Can't judge, since i'm not a software developer myself, but i certainly hope to see something like non-destructive adjustments showing up soon.

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