How to view the coordinates of selected portion of an image


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1 year ago

I am new to pixelmator. Iam building a tile-set from a collection of images by placing them in a single canvas.

I noticed that it displays the W/H of the selection but I don't see anyway of displaying the coordinates within the canvas. This is important as to get accurate placement of tiles inside the canvas. Is there some way of displaying all the properties of a selected area inside the canvas?


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1 year ago

Unfortunately pixelmatordoesn't show the coordinates of an object or a selection while you move it around. You can only view the coordinates of the mousepointer while dragging, but this is off little help. To help you place objects on a canvas you are best off using the ruler bar, dragging out guide-lines and using the grid (view menu -> show grid). You might also want to take a look at the follwoing tutorial showing more about how to make a collage using Pixelmator: Getting started with Pixelmator – Part 7 – How to Work With Layers in Pixelmator

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