Issues with making linework for art on Pixelmator


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1 year ago

OK, do I put this? Right...

I've been making digital art for years. In the last couple of years, I've switched to a couple of art programmes that've made making linework feel SO much better and more fluid than what I used to use. Then it turned out that neither of these played ball with my Retina display when I reinstalled them so I'm giving Pixelmator a try and I'm not finding it very comfortable to use.

And at the heart of that, it's how this thing handles linework. I use the "Brush Tool" and a much more simple blush (basically just a flat dot without fancy textures) and I've found its "reach" when you flick your tablet pen around for nice, wide smooth strokes is very short.

So short that I feel I need to constantly "push" at the linework for it to get closer to what I wanted it to, by that point it'll just look wobbly and uneven anyway. Is there any way of fixing this or making this better?

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