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2 years ago

The black color theme of pixelmator looks very sophisticated. However, it's very confusing with my usual dark desktop and makes working with the program awkward.
Is there any way to change the blacks in the palette to e.g. a light grey (or any other color)?

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2 years ago


Unfortunately, there's no way to change the color of the interface right now. However, this is on our feature request list, so I'm adding your voice as well!

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2 years ago

es wäre super, wenn mann den schwarzen Hintergrund ändern könnte.
zudem ist die schriftfalbe noch in grau, was es noch schwer macht.
diese müsste einen besseren Kontrast haben.

It would be great if the art could change the black background.
In addition, the font color or in gray, making it even more difficult.
this would have a better contrast.

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2 years ago

i agree. I love the black scheme, in that it looks cool! but when it comes to using it on a regular basis.... it can be a bit confusing. It's hard to see where the edges of the floating windows are etc.

I'm not saying ditch black, but maybe a way for the user to adjust it would be good.

I'd also love to have the ability to change the background colour in full screen mode. At the moment it's very (VERY) dark grey. Would like to make that a bit lighter so the tool bar has more contrast against it etc.

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2 years ago

Some UI colour options would be great, but as long as we get to keep the black theme! It's really easy on the eyes, and means the image takes centre stage.
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1 year ago

I would like to be made aware of when this feature is ready too please. Black is too confusing to my eyes with the rest of my desktop
Rob Ell

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11 months ago

+1 for the ability to changethe UI color to tones of grey. Please.

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10 months ago

Please add this feature, I love Pixelmator - but I cannot recommend the theme -- it makes it look like an outdated app and it is NOT easy on my eyes...

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