Blurry pictures and strange size difference

Celeste G

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3 months ago


This is happening to me for a while now, and is extremely annoying since I need to create logos and other graphics for web use.

I am going to explain through steps what is going on, please see below and in attached pictures and pixelmator file.

I create a new file of 518x140 pixels with 150 pixels/cm.

I write some text, whatever, it does not matter the font.

I see the file in the pixelmator window at 100% at it is smaller in size compared to the actual exported file. See one of the pictures attached where you see both files next to each other.

To see the actual exported file I need to zoom the file at 200%.
It's like Pixelmator is exporting files zoomed at 200% but with same overall size and resolution.

I open the file after exporting jpg at best quality and the lines are blurry, you can see the pixelated edges of letters, kind of very ugly.
The bigger files is the size that the file opens on my computer and also how web browsers see it.

Please fix this as soon as you can ... or I don't see how I can use your application anymore. I saw others complaining about this in other posts too, from different points of view, but the problem is zoom and blurry pictures. If you look closely at the file you see the jagged edges.

I use latest Pixelmator version on latest Mac OS version.

Celeste G

Posts: 3

3 months ago


I figured out what is the issue. You show the picture inside the pixelmator app at print pixel size and not screen pixel size. Please fix this !!!
This is why when exported it is so strange since it is not the correct pixel proportion. I have a high def screen, and as you can see above the way you hande this is not correct.

When we create stuff we need screen size pixel and not print size.

I found out this with the help of the Preview app on my Mac, in which I can choose to see print size or screen size.

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