open jpg, add layers, save will make it be a jpg =(


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1 year ago

Quite often I open a jpg file directly in Pixelmator and add layers.
When I File > Save the file, the layers are gone.

The problem is, it remains a flattened a jpg.

To add to the problem, there is no Save As....
Meaning, I can't even convert it into a .pxm file if I wanted to.

The only way around it is to:
1) When I start, Copy and Paste the original jpg into a new file, or
2) Copy and Paste all the layers into a new file.

Am I missing something?
I guess what is most surprising is the lack of a Save As... menu item
(BTW, this is no problem for me personally, but when 30 High School students loose their layers some of them loose their .....)

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1 year ago

By default Pixelmator opens every file as a pxm file and wants to save back to pxm as well.

If you go to the Pixelmator preferences, under general, you'll find the option "Open documents in Pixelmator format"

When you activate this you'll not get that what happens in your description. If it is already activated, then turn it off and back on again.

Hope that helsp you out.

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