3.5 update keeps crashing on macOS Sierra beta 1


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1 year ago

Hi guys

not really sure where to post this but I've just started testing 10.12 Sierra Beta 1 & noticed that 3.5 keeps crashing whenever I try to do something, I can open images, even save them but anytime I use a tool, it all crashes


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1 year ago

We appreciate people testing Pixelmator on the latest beta releases of OS X, but please mail any bug reports and questions regarding pixelmator on beta/test-releases of OSX (or macOS as it is called now) to support@pixelmator.com, the team will take it from there.

This way we keep the forums clean and solely for the questions and issues related to the latest Pixelmator and official OS X / macOS / iOS versions. This will eliminate confusion for most of our users.

Thank you so much.

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