Layer destination indicator disappears after a period of use


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1 year ago

When I move a layer I get a blue line with a circle at the left hand end to indicate where the layer will be inserted.
After using Pixelmator for a while I find that I no longer get the indicator when moving a layer.
The layer still moves fine but It can take a bit of guesswork to determine if the layer will be appended to the end of a group or below it.
Closing and relaunching Pixelmator fixes the problem (until it happens again).

If I find a specific cause I'll add to this, but I invite anyone who has seen this and knows what triggers it to post a response.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)
Mac OS10.11.4
PixelmatorVersion 3.4.4 Twist (60407)

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1 year ago

Thanks for pointing us to htis st3f. The team wil take a look at it and will contact you in case it needs more information.

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