Hue/Saturation Problem


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1 year ago

Hello All!
Hoping someone can help me with this problem. This feature of Pixelmator does not seem to be working correctly anymore, and I can't suss out why.
I am a cartoonist and I am very dependent on this feature for coloring my work. I really need this function to operate properly!
When I am coloring, I usually create a new layer, then use the Hue/Saturation feature to adjust the color. For some reason, this feature has started acting up recently. When I click on the Hue/Saturation tool, everything on the selected layer suddenly disappears, thus negating the whole purpose of trying to use the tool.
Is there something obvious (or maybe not-so-obvious) that I am overlooking that might cause this issue? I cannot proceed with work until this is resolved! Help!

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Moving this to the bugs-forum.
What are your mac-specs, OS X verson and Pixelmator version?

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1 year ago

Using mac OS X Version 10.9.5 - Pixelmator Version 3.4.4

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1 year ago


How large are the images in pixels (width and height) you're working with? If you reduce the image size to around 2000-3000 pixels at it's longer side, does the issue still persist?
Pixelmator Team

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11 months ago

I hope this is the right place for posting this, but I have similar problems using the saturation slider in the Hue dialog box. Desaturating seems to operate in a linear fashion, where already less saturated pixels tend to go faster towards gray. This increases the overall color/gray contrast which makes it impossible to adjust the saturation level precisely.

The way I work around this right now is Duplicate layer -> Desaturate -> Blending mode: Saturation.
Now I can finely tune the saturation by layer opacity. In my opinion this is also how the saturation slider should operate., as it does in Photoshop as well.

Other than that, thank you for this wonderful product.

Pixelmator 3.5.1 OSX 10.9.5

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