Saturation woes


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1 year ago

Below are two images, from the same original: one is saturated +20% in Pixelmator, the other is saturated +50% in Aperture.
Now guess which is which.
You are welcome to recommend a new image editing software for OSX as well (Aperture has been discontinued, unfortunately).


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1 year ago

Hi mouldwarp,

Looks like this image contains quite some noise, therefore, using the Hue effect to increase it's saturation might not be the best option available. You see, saturation adjustments in Aperture and Hue effect in Pixelmator works in a bit different manner, that is why you're seeing the completely different results between each other. For this specific image, I'd suggest to try using the Curves effect, it might help you towards achieving a better looking result.
Pixelmator Team

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