Please unbind public.webp from PixelmatorLook.qlgenerator


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1 year ago

The title I intended to use was "Please consider implementing real QuickLook for WebP or unbinding public.webp from PixelmatorLook.qlgenerator". It was too long for the title box, though.

Disclosure: I already about this issue. I'm posting the content of my email here for record and cross-referencing on the web. It will also (hopefully) let future users researching this know that you guys are already aware of this issue.

Additionally, I consider this issue more of a bug than a feature request. Others may disagree.

Here goes the issue.


I'm using Pixelmator3.4.2 Twist (51215) on OS X 10.11.2. Currently, the bundled PixelmatorLook.qlgenerator binds to the UTI public.webp. However, the generator isn't really capable of quicklooking WebP images; at least this is what I get when trying to quicklook locally:

(See attached image.)

All it does is give me an option "Open with Pixelmator", which goes against the spirit of QuickLook — quickly previewing *without* opening (and I can already do that simple with Cmd+O, since public.webp is already bound to open in by default). What's worse, due to OS X preferring application's QuickLook plugins over plugins in ~/Library/QuickLook or /Library/QuickLook,PixelmatorLook.qlgenerator blocks other *real* WebP QuickLook plugins, e.g., See for how troubles people in the real world.

Therefore, please consider implementing real QuickLook for WebP, or just unbind it from PixelmatorLook.qlgenerator. The former shouldn't be too difficult; there's even MIT-licensed code floating around which you might be able to take advantage of, e.g., referenced above. The latter is really easy. Just remove


(sorry, can't format here)


Thanks for your consideration.

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