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1 year ago

I have noticed that the more I use the gradient tool the further away the adjustment arm moves from the object so by the 5th or 6th new document, I have to enlarge the document window and hunt for it. By the time I get to 8th or 9th new document the adjustment arm is passed my screen resolution so I can not drag it back to the object (shape) to adjust the gradient.

No adjustment arm any more...

Using Pixelmator 3.4 (Twist) on Mac OS X 10.10.5

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1 year ago

Hey cr8tivuix,

That's actually expected. Every time you adjust the Gradient adjustment handle it preserves the adjustments for the another shape. In the end this might result in gradient adjustment handles moving completely outside of the canvas. To reset the gradient handle to it's default position on the shape, click the X button located in the bottom left side of the Styles palette (View > Show Styles).
Pixelmator Team

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