Automator "Crop Images" action adding spurious BG color


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1 year ago

OS X 10.11.1
MacBookAir6,2 with Intel HD Graphics 5000
Pixelmator 3.4

I have this Automator app:
I use this to pad transparent PNG icons to the same size before using them on a website. Note how the Background Color is unselected; I never, ever select or change that. But now, when I run some icons through that, Pixelmator is *intermittently* adding black backgrounds to the final files. It is a crapshoot; they don't all always have black backgrounds, but at least one of them does every time.

The batch I'm currently working on is at , and I'm trying to pad them to 34 × 31 pixels. The icons in that ZIP file have already been run through ImageOptim, since I forgot I needed to pad them first.

This problem only appeared today, which is the first time I've used the app on El Capitan.

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11 months ago

Apologies for necro on a thread, I am having the same issue and have not found a solution. pixelmator 3.5 build 60521. OS X 10.11.5.
The images that it makes have a black background seems to be mostly random. I have to run the batch once, then re-run it again with the ones that failed, and even then I Have to manually do several. It is a more than annoying bug. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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