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2 years ago

Hi everyone!

Let’s face it. No one has ever built an app without any bugs in it. We thought we should update you guys on what hasn’t been working as expected and the current status of the problems. So here it goes:

Issues we know about in Pixelmator for Mac

The document “the-file-being-edited.pxm” could not be exported as “the-file-I-want-to-export-to.png,” and the app prompts you with the alert “The file doesn’t exist.”
We thought we had fixed this issue with our Pixelmator 3.3.2 release; however, we’ve noticed that it still comes back from time to time. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found a way to kill it for good.

Temporary workaround: quit and open Pixelmator.

But it would be an absolutely tremendous help if you’d email us at [url=mailto:bugs@pixelmator.com]bugs@pixelmator.com[/url] with your Pixelmator version (Pixelmator > About Pixelmator), OS X version (Apple Menu > About This Mac), and whether or not the Share > Export for Web feature works. Also, it would be great if you’d include the Console log.

And we know there are various problems with OS X El Capitan. We’re still working on a compatibility version, and we promise that there will be an update as soon as OS X El Capitan is out!

An issue we know about in Pixelmator for iOS:

The first one is the alert “Unable to Open Image. An error occurred while opening a document.” This is an issue related to iCloud photo syncing, and we’re on it right now. In the meantime, there’s a workaround that sometimes seems to help: turning iCloud Photo Library off, and then turning it on again. To do that, go to Settings > Photos & Camera.

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1 year ago

hi I can't use pixelmatr extensions in el capitan on my mac mini late 2012
I have installed them and they appear in Photos extensions but both distort and retouch tools make disappear my picture and appear a blank canvas!

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