Nik Software/Google plugin Support


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1 year ago

Any chance we can have support for the Nik Software plugins that Google recently purchased?

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1 year ago

I guess that depends on what Google does. If they choose to start developing Mac-friendly software and rewrite these plug-ins to Mac supported Quartz Composer effects, these effects will work in Pixelmator, Final Cut Pro X and many other apps. But knowing Google, they will mainly focus on Windows and maybe, in the best case, implement it in the Mac version of Picassa. Too bad that the Mac version of Picassa is a down-right piece of junk (IMHO). So don't get your hopes up high.

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1 year ago

Having bought the full Nik suite and then upgraded to the Google version I have got used to these plugins and its a shame they will not be compatible with this software so I shall watch this space to see if Google offer this in the future as well as prompting them on their chat rooms

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