Pixelmator and color space


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2 months ago

Hello. Been awhile since I had any time to process any of my archived images (film scans) but now back a bit and finding some things I don't like.

First thing I don't like: Pixelmator saving files in a proprietary format. Yes, I can do the additional extra step(s) required to Export, which is only moderately annoying, unlike...

Second thing I don't like, which is color space support. Many of my images are scans of B&W film images and were therefore scanned as grayscale. As far as I can tell, Pixelmator no longer supports grayscale (though I 100% know it used to). When images are saved or exported, they are converted from grayscale to RGB. Since the images were B&W to begin with, this accomplishes nothing except to triple the file size (and when you're dealing with lossless hi-res scans of large format negatives of up to 7000 pixels on the long side, with file sizes reaching ~80mb as compressed TIFF, you really don't need the file size tripled, especially in 16-bit with the finer tonal gradations that allows.

The first gripe is an annoyance. The second is a deal breaker.NOTE, there is a 'convert to black and white option', but that just makes all three color channels the same, with the same waste of resources and storage space.If I can't work IN grayscale WITH grayscale, it's bye-bye Pixelmator.

I welcome thoughts, pointing out of errors in my data, or suggestions.

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