Layer shadow more than 100px


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3 months ago


I am working with pixelmator files at a resolution of 2190x2190 and I like to use the layer styles (Cmd+7 on Mac) panel often. In that panel there is a shadow section with a parameter called "Weichz." (Soften in English?). This parameter goes up to 100px.
For my image I sometimes need more than that, maybe 200 or 300 — but that is not possible because it caps at 100. I don't understand why this parameter is limited to only 100 pixels. I cannot imagine why anyone would limit it at such a low value.
Is there any chance to increase the maximum? Why not limit it at, say 5000 or higher?

A workaround for me would be to reduce the image resolution but of course I prefer to avoid that.
Please consider to implement my feature request.
Can you recommend another solution for my problem?


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