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3 months ago

Switched from PS a few months ago and generally find Pixelmator to be an excellent replacement. After pounding on it for a while, I have these requests:

- ability to resize custom shapes window to be 2 shapes wide, with a scrollbar.
- copy and paste visible (shift-cmd-c in PS)
- ability to change interface from black to grey or white. A slider to let us adjust!
- import and export paths

- effect browser window - allow wider width (6 icons min)
- have the currently chosen text color highlighted in the color grid (when I go to try another text color)
- new document choice of background - (white, black, empty, color...)

- ability to assign keyboard commands to any menu item

I'm guessing that the paths issue might be solved with the long-teased new software coming from the company - at least I'm hoping an Illustrator replacement is in the works. Pixelmator makes great paths. Let us export them!

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3 months ago

Thank you so much for this feedback.

Some of your request however are already possible in Pixelmator and Mac OS

- Assigning custom keyboard commands to menu items is a feature that has been around for quite some time in OS X and Mac OS. You can watch the following tutorial to see how this is done for Pixelmator: Changing keyboard shortcuts
- The background coloror transparency for new documents can be set in Pixelmator's preferences. Look for the "New Image Content" option under the General tab.

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3 months ago

Thanks for the transparent background tip. I had forgotten it was in there...

For the keyboard commands, I'd love a panel in the Prefs to do shortcut changes, while in Pixelmator.

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