Ability to change grid color of transparency checkerboard


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4 months ago

Hi. I noticed that the background option of white in new images, paints the background white. Since I sometimes just plan on leaving the background white when I am drawing, it would save a lot of CPU usage to turn the checkerboard pattern to all white, when I keep on increasing the canvas.

I tried to draw on a30000 x 30000 pixels canvaswith no background (checkerboard pattern), and then on an empty layer over a white painted background layer.

The results are not even comparable:

- Drawing with no background feels like drawing on an A4 sized canvas, and I can scroll and look around without any spikes on the CPU load. The only downside: Checkerboard pattern is the background.

- With the white background, Pixelmator takes a lot more resources. Everything is slower and no so cool...

I like that Pixelmator is system efficient. So I would love it be efficient in this case as well!

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