Non Destructive Effects

Mr _Indigo

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9 months ago

Hi, can you look at a way to create non-destructive effects. As an example, I sometimes use images to create background patterns for my partners crafting endeavours.

The process I go through...
1. Copy/Paste an image I have taken into a 12 x 12inch file to use as the base texture for my patterns.
2. Use one of the Tile effects - invariably Hexagon, once I have found a pattern I like, I click OK and go to Export and export as PDF or JPEG
4. Go back and undo the Hexagon Tile effect so I have the original image, prior to applying the effect.
5. Goto 2. and repeat.

I can see 2 ways to go about this, the former would possibly result in larger file sizes...
1. Make multiple copies of the image layer and apply the Hexagon effect to each layer to create multiple patterns in one file.
2. Have one image and each time an effect is applied a new Effect Layer is created with the resultant effect pattern and the original image is preserved so that I can apply the effect as many times as needed. Obviously I need to make sure I am applying the effect to the image layer each time but I think this option is worth considering.

Thank you

PS. Is it possible to have the Tile Effects in Vectoramtor

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