Add Adobe Creative Cloud integration


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9 months ago

What I really wish for this app, is to have Adobe Creative Cloud support. I used to use Adobe Photoshop Mobile on iPhone and iPad a lot and is a useful tool for me. Today, that app is still obsolete and still have bugs (as I figured by the time iOS 11 comes around this fall, rumors heard that 32-bit apps will no longer work anymore as the app I used to work with is 32-bit),I really wish to have the app to use the Adobe Creative Cloud, in which I have soo many content in my CC libraries, I can only import using Adobe Photoshop Mix, which is useful, but it's missing not what Pixelmator can do. As such Creative Cloud has PLENTY of features and even is open to everyone to use along with their APIs for your app.

I will hope to have that in the near future, it can indeed be a permanent replacement for Photoshop Touch/Mix, ArtStudio, and Phonto.

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