Allow choosing size when exporting


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11 months ago

It would be nice to select the pixel size of the end result as a part of the export process, instead of having to resize the image in advance before exporting. Now my most common use case — creating custom emoji for Slack — always involves a resize to 128 x 128 (or smaller), export, and finally undoing the resize to get back to my original working size.

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11 months ago

Hi villapossu!

This is best achieved by using OS X's automator and the automator actions that alos Pixelmator provides. What you do is exporting the largest image to an export folder and then the Automator Script takes over and automatically generates the smaller versions of your work.

You can learn more about how this works and create your own action by following this turorial: Automatic resizing of images on export from Pixelmator

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10 months ago

I, like villapossu would like to see this feature on iOS as I only use a iPad mini retina for 90+% of my image work that is done in the field or away from base. Often I'm needing to only rotate and/or resizelarge batches of images and screenshots and as the app stands this is quite a cumbersome process.

An addition feature to help this process would be a button to click on that would show the photo metadata including file size. With these two features I think Pixelmator would all and more of my requirements in a mobile photo editor.

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