Recolour Tool needed


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1 year ago

I am new to Apple, having recently bought an iPad Pro 12.7" tablet. After much searching and expense, I've settled on Graphic & Pixelmator as a good complementary pair of apps.
As a long-time user of Paintshoppro on PC, I'm looking for an equivalent recolour tool. The 'best' I've found in the AppStore is ReCOLOR. That's NOT a ringing endorsement!
I'll try and describe what I would like to see.
For example, using the basic drawing tool, you currently have 4 choices. Would it be possible to double up with a recolour function? Say I choose pixel. As if is you simply apply colour. What is needed is the option to select 'recolour' and then be able to:
- pick a colour from the image
- pick another colour from the image or from a pallet of colours, as the choice to recolour to (sorry, bad English there)
- select size / pen, brush, etc / select opacity / select sensitivity (can't remember term used in PSP)
NB. 'Sensitivity' - 1 = only the same color; 100 = recolour whole image; # in between = increasing variation of original colour.
- start recolouring
I need recolour a lot, so this would be a very valuable addition.
Hope you can add such a function.

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