Opacity and Blending on Board of Brush Settings

Douglas Lassance

Posts: 24

1 year ago

It seems to me that the opacity and blending properties of the brush tool would be more convenient if stored on the brush settings instead. If you look at Photoshop in the recent years, they have been phasing out brush settings in favor of what they call "tool presets". Although the added value of a "tool preset" is quite confusing at first, you quickly understand that they mainly allow to store brush settings + opacity + blending as a single thing. I don't think that would be the right way to go for Pixelmator, thus my proposal for simply adding those settings on board of the brush settings. I understand their could be arguments against this, but ultimately I think it would be more enjoyable to paint if each brush could define its entire behavior on canvas. Pushing the idea further, I even think it would be amazing if specific brush settings could be connected to specific layers. In my experience, every time you want to switch from something like inking to painting you are interrupted in your workflow. Switch brush, switch color and switch layer. Three steps that could become a single one by having some sort of "Layer Brush" tool. Worth thinking about.

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