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1 year ago

Hi guys, I've just discovered Pixelmator for iOS and I love it. It pretty much gives me everything I need for the images I create - Bar one small feature, that I can't find.

Is there a Skew function in Pixelmator iOS? I have text that I'd like to skew, but I can't seem to see any Skew functionality anywhere?

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1 year ago

Skewing and other transform options are for now only avialalbe in the Mac version of Pixelmator. For now the closests you can get is rotating your text. It's a good feature request so I'll copy your question there. Thanks!

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8 months ago

Yes you can use skew distort and perspective in pixelmator, select image then right click on image and choose transform then right click again and choose skew, distort or perspective etc, unfortunately i cant seem to do this if i change text into an image, this would be a welcome addon to a brilliant program for mac. A skew grid would be usful too. Keep up the good work

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