Needed Features in Pixelmator


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1 year ago

The following list of features really need to be added to Pixelmator to make it usable to a pro/power user.
If anybody knows of some sort of workaround for any of these please do share and thanks in advance.

Can’t save selections. CAN’T SAVE SELECTIONS!?!?!

No ability to preview black and white clipping in Levels (using the Option key).

No eyedropper tool in Levels.

Can't convert a pen tool path to a selection. Can’t convert a selection to a pen path.

No ability to slide canvas/art board around in full screen mode.

Can't rearrange the workspace by grouping or nesting palette windows together (Styles, Brushes, Layers, etc.)

No access to channels.

No monochrome option in channel mixer.

No high pass filter.

No history states - how many undo steps are there?

It’s great Pixelmator can leverage the Mac OS X RAW engine to open RAW files, but that’s where the excitement stops. There’s no equivalent to Adobe Camera Raw - i.e. no capabilities to adjust white balance, noise reduction, lens correction, highlight & shadow recovery, etc. The whole point of capturing RAW files is to have lots of control over the files in post!

I'm sure there's more, but these are my immediate needs.


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1 year ago

Thanks for the feature requests! Appreciated. When it comes to the amount of undo steps. This is totally depending on how much memory your mac has. So for most macs this will end up like feeling that you have an almost limitless amount of undos. ;-)

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1 year ago

import .nef files direct from camera?

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