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1 year ago

It would great if whenever you add an effect from the effects browser such as CURVES for instance, There is dropdown arrow next to the layer that shows what you did to this layer, if you want to deactivate it or tweak it later.

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1 year ago

Nobody Agrees?
Or something like a history, Or when editing a picture, For example you want the snow effect, you add it to your picture but could it that automatically there is a layer for that effect when, in the future, you can go back to the effect and tweak it or deactivate this effect.

Community!!! Please let me know whatyou think!!

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11 months ago

I totally AGREE!!! I need to understand what effects I've added. I'd like to see a full history for a PXM but just the effects would suffice.

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8 months ago

Agree - totally necessary for me day-to-day :(

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