Proper Alpha Channel support!


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2 years ago


Every year or so, I get fed up with not having a good alternative to Photoshop on Mac. So I come back, check out Pixelmator to see if you've added proper channel editing - or at least direct access to Alpha channel editing - so that I can make the move. Have you really not considered this feature after all this time? I was one of the early adopters of Pixelmator, but I could never use it in a game production environment because of this feature omission.

Alpha channel editing - and by this I mean creation of an alpha transparency channel which is completely independent of the color channels - is pretty essential in game development, and I've always thought it was a big market you were leaving untapped. For most colleagues that I've showed the program to in the past, this has always been a barrier to adopting it for work.

Thanks for listening. I'll keep the faith that some day you might add it.

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Plus SEVEN HUNDRED for alpha channel support please. Please!!!
The lack of this feature really breaks Pixelmator's usefulness to games developers and video makers.
We need to output and edit images with separate RGB and A channels as most development software treats the alpha channel as a very useful place to store extra information which may or may not be related to the RGB information.
It's a shame that Pixelmator is 99 percent totally amazing and, by way of ignoring the alpha channel, also 99 percent useless to games developers.
The dev team would be doing themselves and their customers a massive favour if they allowed channel editing.
Pretty please ?
Crimson Hikari

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Still waiting for single-window mode and dock-able tool panels...

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Funny, I'm just installing the Gimp AGAIN because I need to mess with the alpha channel separately.
I didn't even think of checking if Pixelmator supports separate editing of channels or not when I bought it, I just sort of assumed it would be there. Sorry about that.

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I also agree this is a big one that we need. Strange that I had to install a free app (Gimp) just so that I could edit the alpha channel.

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