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2 years ago

Hi there, as a veteran of Photoshop who recently downloaded your trial, I'd like to applaud you for doing so much to make me feel at home. Everything that makes sense in Photoshop is, for the most part, better implemented in Pixelmator. With the exception of just one little thing that absolutely drives me nuts. "Constrain Proportions" shouldn't be on by default, especially not for "Transform Selection". That's what the shift key is for! I uncheck it and it just keeps coming back on each time I open a new document. Completely maddening! It's the only place in Pixelmator that consistently punishes me for my learned behaviors as a pro, and it's insidious because sometimes I mess up a selection and don't even notice until it's too late.

I understand WHY you have things this way, it makes more sense for a novice who wouldn't necessarily understand that they'd need to hold down shift, and then they end up stretching out graphics and making them look bad. Fine, that makes sense to me. Just please, please give me an option SOMEWHERE to set the default. Put it in a config file or something to hide it from people. Just please let me set this one thing. I would really like to replace Photoshop in my daily workflow but I can't do it as long as I have to take a silly extra step like this every time I manipulate a selection.

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2 years ago

99% of the time I don't want to "constrain proportions" when transforming a selection. It would be nice if that was remembered when unticked.

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2 years ago

+1. Super annoying

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2 years ago

Extreme ditto here and 99% is no hyperbole, summer. I'm not sure I EVER need the proportions of an image constrained. Every time I resize I forget (even after all these years) that pulling one handle on an image is going to pull the other seven and I get irritable over it.

If it's important to have "Constrain Proportions" selected as default, please give us an option in the preferences to turn it off. If I need it, I know where to select it.

Thanks for the post, dmatamales.

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2 years ago


I have this same problem too, very annoying.

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1 year ago

+1 million

This is my major issue with the otherwise great Pixelmator.

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10 months ago

I know it's good to see simple preference but sometimes I want "advanced setting" area

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6 months ago


Worst: when I edit a text element, I cannot disable this option.

Pixelmator Team: what are you doing? :-SSSS

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