Chromatic aberration correction tool


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2 years ago

Can you please add a tool that can correct chromatic aberration?

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2 years ago

I second this request. Affinity Photo has a great tool for this, as well as reducing fringing.

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1 year ago

Hi support, don't you read this posts?

I am also one who needs this feature! Please put this on your feature list ... would be great :-)

Thanks a lot, Mike

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1 year ago

Request already noted 4 months ago MikekHaui. But keep the +1's coming so the Team gets to see how popular a feature request is.

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1 year ago

+1 from me.

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1 year ago

You can do that.

- open the image
- duplicate the layer
- blur the upper layer, gaussian blur 15%
- change upper layer blending mode to color

Now gone the chromatic aberration, but the image is blurry

- create layer mask on the upper layer
- fill the layer mask to black with paint bucket tool

Now gone the picture to normal, with color fringing

- change the color to white
- choose the mask
- with the brush tool paint the color fringing area
- now gone the chromatic aberration only the problematic area

Good luck.

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1 year ago

How about a correction tool, rather than multi-steps, for chromatic aberration? It's a very common issue, so let's make quick work of it with a simple tool.

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1 year ago


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