Photo Merge pro tools: Panorama, HDR, auto-object removal


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2 years ago

Hello Pixelmator team,

I really wish for doing some advanced photo processing using the Pixelmator's ease of use and kick-ass UI.

Once a super robust image alignment engine is implemented in Pixelmator, many tools can be built on top of it:
* Panorama : Stitch together multiple images with arbitrary overlap in xy with exposure correction, and tweakable projection (ala evil Microsoft ICE). Sometimes the result of this is that there is missing content near the borders, so offer an option to automatically do a content aware fill in the missing areas.
* Automatic Object removal: Remove unwanted objects in the merged output
* Noise reduction via full or partial stacking: especially as used in astrophotography, but also to reduce noise from night time indoor burst shots.
* Focus stacking
* Super-resolution: if the source images are misaligned, a higher resolution image is reconstructed via "drizzle".
* Photo merge to (prores) video: e.g. time-lapses with one or more of the above processing applied. Automatic temporally smooth exposure across all the input images, and deshaking.

Having all of these in a single program means that a combination of the above can be used in a single photo merge operation - most tools only perform some. For example, we could create a night time-lapse video which not only removes unwanted objects from some frames, but also drastically reduce noise by averaging a pixel's color with its neighbouring frame's aligned pixel colors.

Finally, I'd like selection of the source images to be seamless, with the dialog auto-suggesting source image ranges based on time period between images and their content (once navigating to the directory), or identifying potential candidates from iCloud Photo Library.

I personally would be happy to buy these as a separate purchase perhaps as a Pro Photo tools package, I just don't think existing tools on Mac are good enough in this department or don't offer a good enough user experience for how much they cost.

Is there any chance of something like above from the Pixelmator Team, or is it too far away from what the core focus of the company is?

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1 year ago

I would love to have this in Pixelmator. Just my 2 cents as one of your users.

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1 year ago

I totally agree! I was hoping Pixelmator might be my answer to the new month subscription fiasco that Photoshop is using now. However, I've just started experimenting with photo stacking for depth of fields and sky swapping. These are two tools that I really want to use in enhancing my photography. If offered as a pro package, I would definitely use it! Please consider development of something like this!

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11 months ago


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