can't turn off auto-save!?!? EATING my data?!?!?


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4 years ago

I save my files on a network drive which does not support "version history". Pixelmator has warned me about this, but I don't care. I've never had it for any other application.

HOWEVER, currently Pixelmator is TOTALLY BROKEN on non-versioned volumes. If I open a file, make changes, DO NOT SAVE, and then close the file.. pixelmator silently saves over my old version without warning me?!?!?

What is wrong with the normal "save", "save as", "prompt on close without save" model? It's totally fine. Pixelmator just ate hours of work on me! What the heck? (*)

With the current auto-save functionality, Pixelmator should DISALLOW saving on non-versioned volumes, because it totally doesn't work. In fact, you should advertize that on the store, because it makes the app non-functional for non-versioned volumes.

Or, you could remove the auto-save, and switch to the standard "save", "save as" model, with a "prompt to save unsaved work" dialogs. like *every* other application.

(*) I loaded a 10 layer file, deleted 9 of the layers to prepare to save-as for a new project. Decided this was the wrong start sample. CLosed it, and then found it had destroyed my original file and thrown away all 9 layers of work.

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4 years ago

You can turn off this functionality systemwide. Go to System Preferences -> General -> uncheck 'Ask to keep changes when closing documents'
Don't panic

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3 years ago

Yes, this has been a problem ever since OS X added Autosave. Many have asked that this be a feature in Pixelmator that we can simply turn off in Preferences. Autosave may be great in some apps but for many it does not work here. Please consider changing this feature.

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3 years ago

This wouldn't be such a big problem if Pixelmator implemented this feature like in TextEdit, where clicking the window title brings up a menu that lets you "Browse all versions". Clicking a window title in Pixelmator just brings up a dialog where you can change the file name.

So by auto-saving and not allowing users to easily get to previous versions of a PXM file, Pixelmator is effectively doing what the title here say: EATING DATA. Please stop eating data, Pixelmator!

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3 years ago

@asbjornu, Browse All Versions option can be found in File menu (File > Revert To > Browse All Versions...).
Pixelmator Team

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2 years ago

I have not had any success with the Browse All Versions feature. I get the timeline but I can't actually view any of the older versions. The right side window is empty after the first one.

Is there a time limit on the dynamic timeline along the right of the screen? I started editing one image the night before and the next morning I couldn't get back to any change from the night before.

Please, allow us to turn off autosave in the app or at least start the autosave with a new filename.

I've lost too many originals because of this poorly implemented feature.

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1 year ago

Add my vote.

The other problem with iCloud integration is that it assumes a high bandwidth internet connection. If you are making lots of edits to large images with poor local home bandwidth then this is an additional pain.

While iCloud integration might have some value and presumably makes apps get a gold star for aligning with Apple's wishes, we all know Apple does not always get it right when forcing "necessary" features on users (think Photos, iTunes).

I cannot see the logic of making iCloud integration obligatory? If it's absolutely necessary for the app to function and we're misunderstanding then please do let us know. Otherwise, could Pixelmator respect users' right to decide how to use their limited storage/bandwidth for themselves.

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1 year ago

Hello aflaus,

iCloud isn't obligatory. You can turn it off sytem wide or partially. Take a look at the following document from the Apple Knowledge Base -

If you only want to turn off iCloud for Pixelmator then look inside the iCloud Drive section where you'll find Pixelmator in the list.


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10 months ago

Hi all,

I came across this thread because I just experienced the exact same issue as described in the original post. I save my files on a networked drive that does not support versions and just discovered that when Pixelmator autosaves a file, it overwrites the previous version of the file. That's a real bummer. There should be a very clear warning that lets the user know this is how autosave functions on a drive that doesn't support versions. It'd be even better, of course, if this could be fixed because I'm sure a lot of people have lost a ton of work due to this issue.


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