Joining or extending lines.

Dick Gilbert

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2 weeks ago


I'm using the Pixelmator freeform pen tool to produce maps of medieval boundaries. This requires zooming in on modern maps to trace around complicated features such as fields and streams. The problem I have is that I'm zoomed in to the extent that I can't see the the whole of the area that I wish to trace. I have to stop drawing, pan to a new area and (at present) recommence with a new line. I have to repeat the process 4 or 5 times to produce one short boundary!

Is there a method by which I can "reactivate" the original line and continue drawing without a break?

Failing that is there a method by which two or more lines can be joined to produce one unbroken line?

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2 weeks ago

This is indeed a very cumbersome situation. The issue is that the moment you release the mouse button while using the freeform pen tool, the tool closes and you get the selection arrow. The team is aware of this but for now there is no solution yet.

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