Noob image size question...


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3 weeks ago

Hi y'all!
I tooled around with PhotoShop a long time ago. Like long ago that there weren't video tutorials to help get ahead.
I've been playing around with Pixelmator and I really love it. I feel like most of the basic tutorials answer my questions, but I'm still scratching my head on a few.
The major one is resizing and image in a layer. Like if I lasso, invert, and cut a head off of one pic to add to another layer, the head in question becomes hella pixelated when I size it to fit. I'm sure I'm probably overlooking something in my setup or I'm just still noob AF, but any help would be appreciated.
I'm working on this crazy political piece and some of the faces are so distorted that you can't make out who is who.

Thanks in advance!

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3 weeks ago

This can happen when the source image (the image you cut out) has a much lower resolution that the image you paste it in. You end up enlarging the source image so much that it gets pixelated.

Check the resoltionand image size of the source and the target image to check if this is indeed the case. If it is then I might suggest to make the target image smaller or choose higher resolution source material.

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