How to download and unlock Pixelmator with old serial number


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3 weeks ago

Hello, i have purchase Pixelmator in 2007, after reinstalling my computer i need to download the app because i have lost it, my last hard disk is dead.

I just found the trial version (Mac) for download on your website but can't find where on the app i can bring my serial number.

Can you explain me how to proceed ?

Thank you

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3 weeks ago

Pixelmator is only available on the Mac App Store and version 1.0 of Pixelmator is no longer supported by the team. I would recommend to upgrade and buy the latest version of Pixelmator from the App Store. Then you have all the new features as well and you can always download Pixelmator again in case of harddisk crashes etc. Or wait for Pixelmator Pro to come out. That should be very soon.

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