Trying to use a brush and have it make sense - no luck


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1 month ago

I have a circle for the brush, say 1" across on a high res monitor. I select a brush, pretty much ANY brush, and I click to draw. The stupid thing draws a spot 1/2" across. Why doesn't it match the size of the circle that it is showing me? How to I get this to work like very other graphics package on the planet? If I change the size of the brush, the circle gets pushed out.

I don't remember it doing this crazy stuff in the past.

This app is CRAZY hard to use on a 43" monitor at 4K resolution - the little tool windows are scattered to the wind - may not even be on the same monitor (defaults to another one), I've tried to find the brushes once and the only way I ever found them is spinning the image all over the screen until I found a place that was showing the brushes.

Why not allow them to be grouped? Or allow them to lock together? Or at least, freaking put them the same place that they were used before?

I used to really love this app, but this just doesn't make any sense at all.

I'm guessing I have some option like draw halo turned on, or something crazy.

I'm giving up on current project with this application.

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