Should I buy Pixelmator or wait for Pixelmator Pro ?


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2 months ago

I'm switching from Adobe Fireworks CS3.
I do not work with Photoshop because I use very little features just for exporting images for websites and Fireworks generates lighter images with very low quality lose.

Firstly I wonder if buy Pixelmator or wait for Pixelmator Pro release. If I buy Pixelmator will I be able to upgrade from Pixelmator to Pixelmator Pro ?

On the other hand I miss the great Fireworks image compression when exporting to web. Fireworks images are 30% lighter than Pixelmator.
Also I miss batch processing to export and resize images to any size according to the website requirements. I've watched a video which show how to make a batch with Automator but from my point of view, atl least, image export and image resize should be native in the app.

Many thanks

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2 months ago

I'd recommend to just wait for Pixelmator Pro. It's right around the corner. I haven't heard it yet officially, but the way the App Store works, it will be very unlikley that there will be specific upgrade prices from a previous version of Pixelmator.

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