problem with exporting PXM files to PNG and TIFF


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4 weeks ago

when I tried exporting a with multiple layers to PNG and then to TIFF, I had the same problem: all the layers, including the partially transparent ones, exported as 100%, as far as I could tell, resulting in a darker and "heavier"-looking image. I did not have this problem when I exported to a PDF, however. I thought that had to o with the difference between lossless versus lossy formats (I would rather have used the lossless formats).

I can't remember if I had tried just merging all the layers or even if I already had.

can anyone tell me how if they know of this problem and what to do about it?

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3 weeks ago

Hi! How do you export? Do you do a regular export or an export to web? With export to web you can experience color changes because the image might receive a different color profile.

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1 day ago

thank you for getting back to me. I have no way of checking now. I may have, as you said, made it "export to web". (if so, I would have done it accidentally.)

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